It’s the beginning of a new era, Turkey’s Erdogan tells Imran

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan for his party emerging as the largest political party in the recently concluded general elections and expressed hope that democracy would take deeper roots in Pakistan.

Officials from Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), or Pakistan Movement for Justice, party said they were in talks with independents and at least one other political party to form a coalition government.

But the count indicates PTI will not achieve the 137 seats needed in the National Assembly to form a majority government.

Khan, the former iconic cricketer, who formed the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in 1996 and struggled at times forlornly for over two decades before being declared the victor in this month's general election, was speaking before embarking on the task of government formation.

With majority support from Pakistan's newly-elected lawmakers, Imran Khan is within touching distance of the premiership.

Speaking in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the International Monetary Fund has its own standards and operating rules when cooperating with relevant countries.

He pledged an end to decades of what he calls the Sharif and Bhutto families' corruption and misrule.

"We have a lot of hopes for the new government".

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In an interview, he said that more members of Punjab Assembly will join PTI and with the inclusion of these members, the party will achieve the required total to form government in Punjab province. There were systemic efforts to undermine Khan's main rival party and the conduct of the election was not as good as the previous one in 2013, he said.

Khan's popularity has surged in recent years as he shared his vision for a "new Pakistan" at a time when the country's middle class has grown disenchanted with an economy on the brink of crisis.

Having promised to construct five million low-priced homes for the poor and provide 10 million jobs during his term in office, he will assume office carrying a heavy burden of expectation at a time when higher oil prices, a trade and current account deficit, dwindling forex reserves and a fast-depreciating currency will test his economic team's skills and expertise.

It said the views expressed by Khan during his speech about Pakistan's future ties with its neighbours and global powers were "sensible and aspirational".

India accuses Pakistan of backing several anti-India militant groups and helping them to infiltrate the divided Kashmir region to stoke violence.

But as the Pakistani military cooperates with the United States, it is unclear whether Khan will continue to criticize a Donald Trump-led Washington.

While Khan's pledge to eradicate graft appealed to voters, his campaign was characterised by complaints by journalists, politicians and activists of so-called pre-poll rigging by the military, which has dismissed the allegations.

The vote was meant to be a rare democratic transition in the Muslim country, which has been ruled by the powerful army for roughly half its history.