Zanu PF in landslide victory

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"What they have done is intimidate people in the rural areas saying, "we will kill you if you vote MDC" and so on and then the worldwide observers say this election was free and fair".

The unrest started soon after Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), declared that he had won the popular vote.

The news was delivered by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (or ZEC) as they announced the results in dribs and drabs for the lower house of parliament.

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for calm as opposition supporters clashed with police in central Harare ahead of the announcement of this week's presidential election results.

Addressing journalists who challenged the MDC Alliance for sending out its supporters - some of whom threw stones and burned barricades and Zanu-PF regalia - to protest and declare victory for Chamisa before ZEC had released the presidential results, Chamisa's Spokesperson, Dr. Nkululeko Sibanda, said Zanu-PF likely infiltrated the protesters to create chaos.

A video emerged on Thursday showing one Zimbabwean soldier being stopped by another one while allegedly firing on protesters in Harare on Wednesday.

This photo taken on January 7, 2017 shows Zimbabwe's then acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa speaking during a funeral ceremony in Harare. Security forces also used tear gas and water cannon at them. "The police are there to do their job", police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said. Associated Press journalists saw two bodies and another person who had been shot in the leg.

It is not yet clear when the electoral commission will announce the next set of results from Monday's election. Soldiers loitered at intersections. Now they are not happy. The police can also ask the military for help in cases of public disturbances.

"The unmeasured military response bears witness to a security apparatus little reformed since the Mugabe era", said Christopher McKee, chief executive of political risk consultancy PRS Group.

"Are we in war?"

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Down the hall observers from half-a-dozen foreign monitoring teams gave their verdict on Zimbabwe's national election.

European Union observers have listed several problems with the vote, including media bias, voter intimidation and mistrust in the electoral commission.

The situation in the country now is rather disappointing, according to many observers.

The opposition has alleged irregularities, saying voting results were not posted outside one-fifth of polling stations as required by law.

"Nevertheless, in the unlikely event that we lose the elections, we will still request our supporters to accept the verdict of the people and allow (Nelson) Chamisa to take over", said Mangwana.

Millions of people voted peacefully on Monday in the first election since the army removed Robert Mugabe from power past year.

The head of the Commonwealth election observers in Zimbabwe, former Ghana leader John Dramani Mahama, condemned what he called the "excessive use of force" against protesters and said all sides should act with restraint.

Zimbabwe's legal and constitutional framework ensured that "key principles for conducting democratic elections such as upholding the right for all political parties to campaign freely and for people to practice their right to cast their votes have been realised", said Augusto.

More than five million people were registered to vote, and there was a high turnout of 70 percent.

But the violence in Harare seemed to put those aspirations on hold. On Wednesday, they came to enforce a crackdown.